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"Fan mail" and general letters from the members of Camelot to their firends.
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This little place actually came about from some silliness myself and some friends were doing on a thread over at the RP Forum Affirmatons Eternal. it was within the Labyrinth of Fire section in the Letter to No One thread that Arthur Pendragon (lilithrain) started answering mail to two other members at that forum. It was meant to be just a bit of fun between friends but the more I thought about the idea, the more I thought it might be fun over at LJ, so here it is. This will be a Role Play Comm of sorts. The members of Camelot and their friends who just happen to live in other kingdoms, can also converse here.

There's two ways you can have fun here. Be a member of the court. Like myself, your gracious hostess lilithrain who will also be under the guise of Prince Arthur Pendragon when his avatar is up. If Arthur is not posting and I am, then you'll see some other icon, other than his pretty princely features. The second is jst join up and post your letter as a post to the member of the court intended and wait for the fun to begin. You don't have to be a member of the court. You can just be you if you want.

If you're wanting the first option, you'll have to get in touch with lilithrain via a PM and let me (her) know who it is you would like to play. Give a list of four people you'd like to play in order of preference and why and then post it off. That way, you know you'll get at least one of the people you've offered to play. Or alternatively, you can leave your preference of four on the Arthur Pendragon: Where's my Court? Thread on the comm. See posts for further details on that one.

If you wish to become a member of the court of Camelot, then here the list of people whom you might like be. Those with usernames next to them have been filled. Sorry about that.

Prince Arthur Pendragon as played by lilithrain
Merlin as played by slashitup101
Balinor as played by candream
Leon played by carolinmescalin
Geoffrey as played by heavenlyxbodies
Gwaine as played by fantastique
Guinevere as played by babybee61
Princess Elena as played by ria_simplelove
Mordred as played by chef_geekier
Ygraine Pendragon
Uther Pendragon
Tristan De Bois (Black Knight)
William of Daira
William/Will (Merlin's friend)
Morgana Pendragon
Lady Vivian
King Olaf
King Odin
Knight Valiant
Tom (Gwen's father)
Mary Collins
Sir Percival
Sir Pellinor
Sir Owain
Sir Lancelot
Sir Ewan
Sir Elyan
King Cenred
Lady Helen of Mora
Lord Godwyn
Great Dragon
The Fisher King
Edwin Muirden
Cornelius Sigan
Lady Catrina
Lord Bayard
The Unicorn
Knights of Medhir
King Alined
The Afanc
The Griffin
The Sidhe; again you can name yours
Any of the druids; you can name yours

New chatacters who are added to the show will of course be added here, but for the moment, you have plenty of people to choose from.

Images may be included on your posts if you want, they're not a must have but if you want them, feel free. So to keep everything on the safe side, everything under a LJ cut please.

Examples of the letters Arthur has done you can view on the comm. The letters don't have to be elaborate, they don't have to make too much sense, or they can be whatever you want them to be. If you're writting as just you, then you can write whatever you like to whichever member of the court you like here. Just add it in your title on your post.
Subject Title: Letter to....insert Chatacter name here.
Post: Insert letter. Can be behind a cut if you wish, if it has images, please put it behind a cut.
Please tag your letters. That way your person and others can find you. Specific tags, plese ask your friendly mods.

Any questions? You are welcome to ask them. Look on the Friendly Mod: Ask Questions Here thread inside the comm.

1. Be respectful of your fellow members and/or characters. No bashing allowed here. You bash, you're out. Our Prince will personally see you to the door.
2. If you chose a character, you are not limited in the human/supernatural/or other you choose to play. You are only allowed to play two charaters if you wish or just the one.
3. Enjoy yourselves! This is a place for serious topics, as well as the sublimely silly.

Rules are subject to change so keep yourselves posted.